Welcome to Rupert Bear Murray Davies – Family Solicitors in Nottingham

Divorce and Family Law specialists in Nottingham in the East Midlands, Rupert Bear Murray Davies solicitors deal with the legal and financial problems that relate to the breakdown, or possible breakdown; of personal relationships.

This usually involves separation and divorce cases, but goes beyond this to other issues of family law regarding children and adoption and civil partnerships.

Our partners’ legal expertise is based on many years of relevant experience, backed by other specialist practitioners and colleagues, who are all committed to the objective of helping identify, and then making, the right choices and decisions for our clients.

Our approach;

The breakdown of relationships is frequently stressful for all concerned. Resolving disputes satisfactorily requires patience on our part, and an awareness of the feelings of those involved. All of us at RBMD make sure that we always keep these factors in mind. It’s not possible to make family disputes a pleasant experience, but we do try our best to take some of the pain out of the process.

Coming to terms with the realities of a breakdown in love and trust within a relationship is the first hurdle to overcome and we can help with this by referring clients for experienced and confidential counselling. This will often lead to the making of balanced joint decisions about the future, which we always encourage. We try to resolve matters as effectively, efficiently and as amicably as possible.

Our support services;

We offer support from other professional advisers and services, which may often be required. These include accountants, valuers, mortgage and pension experts and insurance brokers. We also have close ties with Barristers both locally and nationally and can ensure that our clients will be provided with the best possible representation before the courts if this is necessary. We are members of “Resolution” formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association.


We keep up-to-date with changes and developments in the law, and legal practice, that relate to our area of expertise through regular training.

We have been consistently highly rated by independent legal surveys in recent years although this is not a cause for complacency. It is our policy routinely to examine the level of service that we provide. We have a formal complaints procedure if there are any concerns or difficulties that a client may have with their solicitor. We work hard to avoid this happening but in the event that it does, the appropriate partner will try to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. If after this you are still unsatisfied, we will advise you on how you can take the matter further through the right channels.

Privacy Notice;

Personal information that you provide to us will be stored on your confidential client file and all or part may be included in the preparation of documents used within the processing of your case. The information may need to be shared but only with other parties directly involved in the process of law. This will not be done without your authorisation. Your information will never be used for any kind of marketing activity.

Can you help yourself?

It is always in your own interests properly to prepare for each meeting and interview beforehand by making notes of points you wish to discuss and by collating information and documents that may be necessary for the meeting. It helps if you are able to reply promptly to any of our further requests for information. In this way you can help us make best use of time and avoid unnecessary costs.

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